Rutgers New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station | [Cooperative Extension of Cumberland County]

Water Quality & Nutrient Management

The focal point of water quality work is to determine the impact of agriculture on surface water and to identify methods of reducing any impact found. This multi-faceted project is now led by Dr. Chris Obropta at Rutgers in New Brunswick and Dr. Sal Mangiafico, who works in Cumberland and Salem Counties. One of the more recent accomplishments by our Rutgers Diagnostic Lab in response to a need identified by a Cumberland County Nursery, is an effective method of testing recycled water for contamination by Phytophthora and/or Pythium.

An ongoing nursery crop fertility program is focused on maximizing plant growth while minimizing environmental impact. Presently, the most effective fertilization practice is a combination of a controlled-release fertilizer early with liquid fertilization later in the production cycle.