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Rutgers Master Gardeners of Cumberland County

Pam Burton, Home Horticulture Program Assistant, coordinates the Cumberland County Rutgers Master Gardener program which began in 2006. Interns begin training in February and graduate in June to start their volunteer work. Topics covered include basic entomology, plant diseases, composting, houseplants, soils and fertilizers, pruning, vegetable and flower gardening, turfgrass management, and pesticide safety. For details on the statewide Rutgers Master Gardener program visit the Rutgers Master Gardener Program statewide website

If you are interested in individual classes, they are open to the public at $20 per class. Advanced registration is required. Applications for the full progam and individual classes are available by contacting our office. The next Master Gardener Class will start in February, 2020.

Rutgers Master Gardeners are responsible for completing volunteer hours by providing researched-based information to the public and by doing special projects. They are available to answer gardening questions April through October; Tuesday through Friday 9 a.m. to noon at 856-451-2800, ext. 4.

For the Rutgers Master Gardeners' calendar of events, see If you wish to view the statewide events, see