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Lawn and Garden

Pam Burton, Home Horticulture Program Assistant

  • Up-to-date information on pest and insect problems
  • Advice and information on vegetable gardening, lawns, flowers, trees and houseplant care
  • Soil testing (see below)
  • Weed and insect identifications and recommendations
  • Educational programs

Soil Sample Testing

Pam coordinates the complete soil test samples sent to the Rutgers Soil Testing Lab. Once testing is completed, the results are mailed directly to gardeners so they can modify their soils to have the best possible growing conditions. The current cost for the basic testing is $20.00. For complete instructions on taking soil test samples and fees, visit the Rutgers Soil Testing Lab website. pH and soluble salt tests are done on site for $3.00 per sample.

Up-to-date information on pest and disease problems, vegetable gardening, lawn, flowers, trees, and houseplant care is available through the home horticulture program. Samples can be brought to the Extension Center for identification and management options.

More Resources

Educational programs are presented at the Extension Education Center on various topics. For additional information on these classes, please call the Extension Center at 856-451-2800, ext. 4.

For the Home Horticulture calendar, see If you wish to view the statewide events, see